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Be. X .
Zero Waste Fashion

All Handmade in Bohemia
Rebecca Eastwood

100% Up/Recycled 100% Unique

Vintage Lace Clothing
Deconstructed /Re-worked Vintage/Modern pieces
Customized Vintage Leather
Customized ART Bags
& More…

Also available from
Bohemian Retro Vintage
our brick & mortar shop in Prague.CZ.

About Rebecca…
“A Proud Bohemian Yorkshire Lass” UK born Rebecca has lived in Prague, Czech Republic for over 20 years. Rebecca is the owner of Internationally renowned Vintage shop and “Possibly the Most Bohemian Shop in the World – Bohemian Retro. Before moving to Prague she studied Textile design and technology at Huddersfield University in the UK ..winning The nationwide award for ‘Designer of the Year ‘ from The UK Textile Institute and Courtaulds (one of the Worlds largest textile companies) for her final University project based on graffiti and pop art. Rebecca moved to The Czech Republic to teach at Liberec Technical University. There she became the singer in 2 bands “Freak Parade” & “B Movie Heroes “ playing punk/rock and extensively touring around Europe. Up till now she has 4 albums out which she sang on, co-produced and co-wrote. In the year 2000 due to the fact that she had a huge personal collection of Vintage Czech and Bohemian clothing and accessories Rebecca decided to start her own Vintage business – Bohemian Retro was born! Then came Be.X. the zero waste upcycled collections. “I ended up with so much lace and fabric, buttons and broken vintage jewelry etc that I started to go back to my crazy student fashion design and sewing days ..I loved printing on second hand items and “Chopping them up” as my Mum would say when I cut up another band shirt “to make it cool”. I have always loved the DIY punk ethos and recycling or upcycling is very important to me…
Bohemian Retro and Be.X. is a shop with ZERO waste .. and we make sure to use only recycled packaging and display items”
Be.X. the fashion label started as just a couple of items ..but people from all over the world loved the items so Rebecca started to make more and more…you can see many examples on this page. Each piece is a one off made with love in Bohemia . Some are for sale on this website….enjoy! x

100% unique ………. 100% Recycled/Upcycled.
Vintage Lace …. Vintage Costume Jewelry …. Vintage Clothing and Bags …. Vintage Fabrics
Vintage Buttons …. Zips …. Safety Pins …. and much more are used to create the collection !
Every piece is handmade with Love by Rebecca.

The Vintage Lace Collection

“Each item in the Lace collection is designed around a specific piece of Vintage Lace fabric .
I love the challenge of making clothing from these precious and delicate fabrics from the past – the quality is far beyond what we can find easily today and the hand crafted lace is stunning.” – Rebecca

About the lace pieces…..Handmade Bohemian Vintage Lace from 1900-1960 is used to create beautiful unique pieces of clothing. Each piece of lace is carefully selected and then hand stitched by Rebecca using her many years of design experience to create the perfect garment from each piece of fabric. The piece are left as complete as possible to preserve the original piece of fabric.

De-construction collection
Inspired by the idea of Post Apocalyptic Couture

Imagine buttons are like medals…or ribbons a sign of rank. A military vibe runs throughout this collection!
Jackets are taken and de-constructed…linings or sleeves are carefully removed (sometimes),maybe the jackets are inside out – or reversible! About the customization … safety pins, vintage ribbons, found objects , Bohemian buttons and recycled fabrics are used to create each unique piece by hand.. basically anything is possible!

Be.X. X ZiZkoV

Graffiti covered Vintage Re-Works

Inspiration taken from the walls of Zizkov in Prague where graffiti, stencils and scraped away plaster add another dimension to the personality of our neighbourhood. Better the spray paint be on a handbag than on a gorgeous old building…

“The Queen” stencil used with permission from Damien Mitchell.. an amazing graffiti artist and also the artist who painted the shutter of our shop!. more info www.damienmitchell.com

Bohemian Folk Punk Collection

Bohemian Folk Punk inspired clothing and jewelry made with Vintage components.
Some pieces are hand embroidered vintage linen…others are light silk shift dresses with lace patch pockets and trim or heavily pleated wraparound full skirts made from vintage fabric from 1940-1980

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